Specialized Legal Needs


Specialized Legal Needs

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Our packages for Yoga Law are designed with the global yoga community in mind and cover most legal needs for most practices. There are some unique needs that yoga teachers, studio owners, event organizers, and online entrepreneurs have in specific situations. These agreements are intended to serve most of those needs.

TRANSITIONS AND GROWTH: Buying/Selling a studio, franchising

CREATING A SPACE: Leases, non-yoga events at the studio

CONFIDENTIALITY: Non-disclosure, non-compete, and non-solicitation

OWNERSHIP CHANGES: Shareholder agreements, partnership separation agreements

A DIFFERENT POSE: Charities and Non-For-Profit agreements

ENGAGING YOUTH: Consent and release forms for working with children

SPONSORSHIP: Agreements when receiving business funding for your events

If you would feel most at peace with some guidance from one of our lawyers, combine the agreement with our tailored legal coaching offerings.

NOTE: The laws of each jurisdiction are different and there are nuances to each province, state or country which will vary. Our legal documents require minimal modification to jurisdiction and contain general legal principles which will apply too all jurisdictions. We have established a tight-knight community of lawyers across the globe who can deal with any specific issues your jurisdiction may have. Please contact us to discuss if you need to discuss specific matters of jurisdiction.